How We Work

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When Dr. Tobin was imagining his dream cancer treatment facility in 1990, he wondered how he would want to be treated if he were diagnosed with cancer. He was all too familiar with the broken systems of larger cancer centers in bigger cities that depersonalize patients, fail to communicate and refuse to treat patients for financial reasons. They administer generic treatments that aren’t modified for pain levels or side effects, and with high patient volumes, patients become charts and numbers rather than people. They also only address cancer on a physical level. Dr. Tobin knew his treatment center would be different.

If he were a cancer patient, Dr. Tobin’s top priority would be to see expert doctors who use the most modern technology available. Treatment would need to be administered by a caring, compassionate professionals who would treat him as if he were a family member, and the staff would work together to manage his pain levels and side effects. The financial burden of cancer can be impossible for some patients to overcome, but Dr. Tobin would want treatment regardless of his economic situation. He also knew that he would need help navigating insurance, recovering from cancer’s psychological affects and then regaining the life he had before cancer. And the bigger centers don’t offer any of that.

So, Dr. Tobin created Wyoming Oncology, a center that treats patients knowledgeably, holistically and compassionately with a mission statement of caring for every patient like family. Patients begin their Wyoming Oncology journey with the Patient Navigator who is responsible for providing support and guidance to every patient throughout their battle with cancer. Physical treatments then begin with a physician who will evaluate the characteristics of a patient’s cancer to detect specific cell markers or proteins in the cells. Using this information, a unique treatment plan is then devised to treat each patient’s specific cancer.

With state of the art technology and the country’s finest oncologists, Dr. Tobin leads a collaborative team of individuals with specialities ranging from radiation treatment to insurance and finances to massage therapy and dietitians. His center treats every patient, regardless of their ability to pay. And after treatment has concluded, his staff works to return patients back to the lives they lived and loved.

Dr. Tobin’s vision has been realized. Meet the team of professionals he has assembled to provide Wyoming cancer patients with the country’s best care.