Robin Frisby

When Robyn Frisby was diagnosed, she only thought of her kids. Even throughout her treatments, she worked to protect them by shielding the severity of her illness, even as her entire family fought alongside her. And while they all grew together, it was Robyn who became a Survivor.

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Dave Kreycik

When Dave Kreycik was undergoing radiation to treat tonsil cancer, he didn’t know if he would survive the last five days. Just a few months after successfully completing his treatments, Dave’s wife Paula was diagnosed with cancer, and he learned that being a cancer patient was actually easier than caring for one, especially if it’s the [...]

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Kim Shade

PBI Patient, October 2008 Three days after my husband and I decided to move to Casper from Madison, WI, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon arriving in Casper, we went to meet Dr. Henshaw who would be my new oncologist. We loved her immediately. She really spent time making us comfortable and answering all [...]

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Linda Moss

Cancer Patient, March 2008 I was blindsided by the words, “It’s Cancer.” There was no warning, lumps, or other signs. I went for a physical and was sent for the usual mammogram. From there, my life snowballed into a maze of tests and treatments. I have completed two sets of chemotherapy, and am now scheduling [...]

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Dale Anne Wood

Cancer Patient, May 2008 I am one of the biggest champions of Wyoming Oncology. I felt like I was in a zone during treatment. My tumor was positioned so that radiation would have to hit my esophagus. I was worried that I wouldn’t want to eat and would lose weight. Dr. Tobin worked hard to [...]

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Jean Mullins

PBI Patient, September 2008 There are so many wonderful things about the partial breast irradiation that I don’t know where to start. I guess the most important point to me was that I was thrilled to get my life back 6-8 weeks faster than with regular radiation. I got treatment in five days and it [...]

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