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Amy Smith


It’s not surprising that Amy became a nurse; it runs in her family. Both Amy’s grandmother and mother were nurses, and though Amy originally thought she wanted to be a teacher, she eventually found herself deeply passionate about nursing. Amy has been with Ivinson Memorial Hospital for nine years; four years as a staff nurse and five as the director of the Meredith & Jeannie Ray Cancer Center. In Amy’s role as director, she oversees all of the physicians, nurses, and staff, ensuring that patients ultimately receive the best experience possible. Amy is proud to be the director of the center because she feels that unlike the larger cancer centers, the Meredith & Jeannie Ray Cancer Center offers the finest in cancer care while still treating patients like family, not just numbers. The patients, in fact, are one of Amy’s favorite parts of her job. Amy has been blessed by many of the relationships she has formed with patients, and loves that her job allows her to make a difference in people’s lives daily. In her free time, Amy likes to watch the Denver Broncos, spend time with her family and two dogs, and travel to Kenya, where she has built a school for underprivileged youth.