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Katelyn Rosier


Cancer care is more than just treating the physical, and Katelyn’s role as a social worker is to ensure that patients’ emotional, practical, and social needs are taken care of as well. Katelyn completed her Master of Social Work at the University of Wyoming, where she gained exposure to populations that had serious medical issues. She realized how desperately people’s lives could be impacted by medical diagnoses and treatment, and this sparked her interest in the field. After completing her graduate school research in minority access to healthcare in Wyoming, Katelyn knew she wanted to be an advocate to help bridge the gap between Wyoming citizens and excellent healthcare. At Ivinson, Katelyn collaborates with the patient and their family to ensure their needs are being met outside of treatment, so that they can focus on recovery. Her goal is to help patients put their energy into what is most important to them, by ensuring their systemic needs are being met. One of her favorite parts of her job has been celebrating with her patients when they complete treatment. Patients are encouraged to loudly ring a bell installed near the infusion room when they finish treatment, as a way of signifying the end of their treatment journey. It means different things to everyone who rings it, but to Katelyn it symbolizes victory. Katelyn is thankful to work in a center that loves their patients and loves celebrating their successes.