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Dr. John Purviance, M.D., DABR



Though born and educated on the east coast, Dr. John Purviance moved to Casper in 2007 for a small-town lifestyle with the opportunity to practice “big-city medical care.” As he was considering permanent positions following his residency at Tufts University, Dr. Purviance was impressed with Casper’s high level of specialty care, and felt that Rocky Mountain Oncology would be the ideal fit for him to practice his specialty in radiation oncology. At Wyoming Oncology Professionals, not only does Dr. Purviance have access to the most modern and advanced technology, but he is part of a facility committed to providing the best overall and comprehensive care possible for patients. And because Wyoming Oncology Professionals sees significantly fewer patients than other larger centers in metropolitan areas, Dr. Purviance is able to work with patients one-on-one to create individual treatment options and goals. He develops individualized treatment plans to reach objectives like relieving pain or achieving other physical successes like walking or running.

Additionally, because Dr. Purviance’s number of patients is relatively low, he is afforded the time to care for them outside of regular business hours. He talks to patients on weekends, and if a patient needs to see another doctor immediately, he can call an attending physician to personally discuss that patient’s situation. While some patients think they need the best cancer treatment center, Dr. Purviance believes that what cancer patients actually need is the best care. And as a relatively new member of the Casper community, he feels privileged to be able to provide that. Dr. Purviance, his wife and two young kids have found a home in Casper, making the most of Wyoming’s outdoor recreational opportunities and beautiful landscapes. They love to ski, rock climb, and consider their overall quality of life in Wyoming outstanding.