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Dr. Robert Tobin, M.D., DABR


Dr. Robert Tobin’s philosophy is to provide individualized patient care that is as good or better than any other center in the US. In fact, he and his staff are obligated by Rocky Mountain Oncology’s mission statement to treat every patient as if they were family. As a result, patients experience continuity with compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Doctors, nurses and other team members learn about each patient’s condition, and then work with the patient on a daily basis to beat cancer. Dr. Tobin develops relationships with his patients that allows him to create the most effective, tailored care for their cancer with the flexibility of adjusting treatment to minimize pain and other side effects. Additionally, he takes the time to educate his patients about their condition, treatment plan and recovery. And after decades of treating cancer patients, Dr. Tobin’s reputation as an honest, unbiased physician has established a foundation of trust between himself and doctors across the region. Rocky Mountain Oncology is a collaborative facility, so if a patient’s needs can be better met at a different facility, Dr. Tobin will ensure that the patient is referred. He believes that he cannot be a successful physician without these relationships with other doctors, so maintaining this level of trust is imperative.

Unlike larger treatment centers, Dr. Tobin never depersonalizes his patients. Relative to facilities in metropolitan areas, the number of patients Dr. Tobin sees is low, which affords him the availability to customize treatment for every individual, and then adjust that plan throughout the course of treatment. Dr. Tobin and his staff show each patient empathy and integrity while they collaboratively fight cancer. At Wyoming Oncology Professionals, patients are never reduced to numbers; they are family.

Robert Tobin, M.D.