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JoAnn Ramsey, PA-C

Physician Assistant (Radiation Oncology)

With over 30 years in the medical field, Physician Assistant JoAnn Ramsey can confidently say that Rocky Mountain Oncology provides exemplary care. Since the facility treats patients so comprehensively with spiritual, financial and wellness care, she makes her role in patients’ physical care as holistic as possible. Part of her approach includes education. She believes that when people know about their disease, they’re better equipped to fight it. Because the unknown can be one of the scariest aspects of cancer, she has an open door policy that encourages patients to ask her anything. Additionally, because she sees a small number of patients relative to bigger treatment centers, she can take as much time with patients as they need. JoAnn considers this a luxury unique to Rocky Mountain Oncology because of the familial attitude the center has toward patients.