Rocky Mountain Oncology Center in Casper

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Rocky Mountain Oncology Center in Casper Wyoming

About Rocky Mountain Oncology Center

One of the locations our physicians serve is Rocky Mountain Oncology Center in Casper, Wyoming. Rocky Mountain Oncology Center is a spacious, comfortable, state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot center that not only offers excellence in medicine but an environment of comfort and retreat. The facility includes a full-service lab, wide-bore CT scanner, a diagnostic and treatment planning PET/CT scanner, and two modern linear accelerators with image guidance capabilities. In addition to the latest in oncology technology, RMOC offers a spacious community resource room, a fitness center, and massage therapy and physical therapy services, all overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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501 E. 2nd St
Casper, WY 82609
Phone 307-235-5433
Fax 307-233-4700
Toll Free 866-796-5433
Toll-Free 866-796-5433

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Our highly skilled, board-certified specialists work as a team to ensure you receive expert diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Robert Tobin, M.D., DABR
Dr. Robert Tobin, M.D., DABRRadiation Oncologist
Michael Fernald, M.S., DABR
Michael Fernald, M.S., DABRPhysicist
Mandy Bouse
Mandy BouseOncology Certified Nurse
Krista Joy
Krista JoyRadiation Therapist
Laura Blanton
Laura BlantonMedical Records
Dr. John Purviance, M.D., DABR
Dr. John Purviance, M.D., DABRRadiation Oncologist
Landon Clark, M.S., DABR
Landon Clark, M.S., DABRPhysicist
Patricia Kaiser
Patricia KaiserOncology Certified Nurse
Trisha Henriksen
Trisha HenriksenRadiation Therapist
Robyn Meyer
Robyn MeyerInsurance Case Manager
Jay Robirds
Jay RobirdsDosimetrist
Angela VanHouten
Angela VanHoutenLead Radiation Therapist
Brandi Heron
Brandi HeronPatient Concierge
Sam Carrick
Sam CarrickPatient Navigator
JoAnn Ramsey, PA-C
JoAnn Ramsey, PA-CPhysician Assistant
Amber Mellema
Amber MellemaOncology-Certified Nurse
Amber Coffey
Amber CoffeyRadiation Therapist
Christina Wert
Christina WertPatient Concierge
Kara Frizell
Kara FrizellFinancial Counselor