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Mandy Bouse

Oncology Certified Nurse

Radiation Nurse Case Manager Mandy Bouse knows that her patients are complicated. She is the first nurse they see at Rocky Mountain Oncology, so each patient she sees is suffering from different emotions and fears. Therefore, there is no “right” thing Mandy can say to them. Instead, she just speaks from her heart, and while she may not always say the right thing at the right time, patients can sense that her intentions are good. It is with this genuine care and compassion that Mandy treats patients. She firmly believes in treating each patient as though they were family. Mandy recognizes that family is complicated and nuanced, so treatments for family must be unique and tailored. Her patients are as varied as the cancer they suffer from, but she cares for them on an individualized rather than sterilized level. This makes it easy to shift and adjust treatment, which is often necessary. As a innate caregiver, Mandy is also passionate about providing emotional support to her patients, as well as physical treatment. She prides herself on being honest and reliable, which is the foundation for her relationship with patients.