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Trisha Henriksen


While Trisha’s main duties as a radiation therapist include delivering radiation doses and performing CT exams, she believes her most important duty is not only to take care of the patient medically but to take care of the patient as a whole. This can mean providing a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or simply a smile. People often tell her that they would never be able to do what she does because it would be “too sad,” and Trisha understands. She develops an instant attachment to her patients and believes that the chance that she can make their cancer journey a little easier is worth every tear she cries for her patients. One of the best compliments she has ever received is that “Rocky Mountain Oncology is the only place I can come that I don’t feel like I have cancer.” Trisha feels honored to be part of a team that is kind, sincere, loving, and always puts their patients first.