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Marty Brammer


Marty’s job as a radiation therapist fulfills his greatest calling: serving others. When Marty graduated high school, he had no idea what he wanted to do as a career, but quickly realized that medicine combined his fascination with technical equipment and processes with his desire to help others. After working as an X-ray technician for 15 years, Marty decided that he wanted to return to school and pursue radiation therapy. He started his career in radiation therapy at Wyoming Cancer Center in 2002, which would become Rocky Mountain Oncology in 2004. For personal reasons, Marty left Wyoming in spring of 2012, returning to RMOC in Lander in the fall of 2014. Marty believes that what makes RMOC special is the level of patient care they provide. He views his role as more than just administering radiation treatments; Marty views himself as a patient advocate. If he can make a referral simple for a referring physician or help a nurse take patient vitals, he can make the patient care experience better. Marty is a team player, ready to do whatever it takes to make the patient feel comfortable and cared for. In the small town of Lander, Marty’s patients are often his neighbors or fellow churchgoers, and he loves that RMOC embraces all its patients as family.