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Susan Anderson


Susan believes that nursing is where she is meant to be. As a high school student, Susan worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Because nursing was all Susan had ever known, she wanted to explore something different in college, and received a degree in business instead. After years in the banking industry, Susan began to realize that she tended to gravitate toward elderly clients, and missed having a job where she could take care of people. At that point, Susan knew she was meant to go into nursing. She decided to return to school and receive her nursing degree, and has been at Rocky Mountain Oncology in Lander since 2012. Susan’s favorite part of her job is her patients. Often times, patients don’t have a strong support system at home, and so Susan appreciates that she and the staff at RMOC can become a support system for patients, helping them with everything from financial issues to getting to their appointments. Susan believes that what makes RMOC stand out is that the center is patient-oriented. She and the staff know everything about their patients, and know them far beyond just their diagnoses. At RMOC, Susan’s patients are her family.